Computer Repair And Online Remote Support

We can fix your computer over the Internet while you watch!


Please take the following steps for remote repair and support:

1)  Your computer must boot up into Windows, and have high speed Internet access. Please have your credit card ready...  

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2)  Please call us Toll-Free 24 hours a day at Toll Free 1-866-485-8099 to schedule a technician.  You must be in front of your computer when the technician begins his service, and nearby while it is being serviced.  If you are available, the technician will stay on the phone with you for training on what went wrong and why.  It is our intention not only to solve your issues, but to train you on ways to avoid future issues. 

3)  When your technician contacts you, he will supply you with a 5 digit number.  When you receive your access number, click on that number in the box below.

When you enter the 5 digit code on the box below, you are stating that you agree to RepairAndSupport's Terms And Conditions. (Please review those terms now by clicking on this link: Terms And Conditions ) 

4)  Your technician will take control of your machine, and make repairs while you watch!


Remote Computer Repair



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