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Computer Repair Gift Certificates


Computer Repair Gift Certificates Are Available Here!

Give The Gift Of SPEED!
Gift certificates are available, and can be used toward any remote computer repair service offered.   They make a perfect holiday, Christmas, or birthday gift.
Gift certificate appears as shown above, has a polished gloss finish, and has the look and feel of a plastic credit card.  Each certificate comes with a small matching envelope, which is included in the purchase price.
Your gift certificate will be mailed to you via USPS within 2 business days of purchase, and remains valid for two years from the date of purchase.  Gift certificates are available in $25, $50, and $100, and require a $5 service fee for each gift certificate denomination purchased, to cover shipping and processing.
Decorative gift certificate holders are also available, below.  Gift certificate holders make your generous gift even more exciting by adding festive colors.  Gift certificate holders are card stock, and have a satin gloss finish.  They are approx. 3" X 4" after they have been folded. and once folded. they conceal the gift certificate within.  Each gift certificate holder is $2, and a $1 service fee for each gift certificate holder purchased, to cover shipping and processing.
Your order can be placed below.

Computer Repair Birthday Certificate

$100 Gift Certificate


Christmas Computer Repair Certificate

$50 Gift Certificate


Gift Certificate For Computer Repair

$25 Gift Certificate


Gift Certificate Holder

$2 - Red Bow Gift Certificate Holder


All Purpose Gift Certificate Holder

$2 - Blue Swirl Gift Certificate Holder


Christmas Gift Certificate Holder

$2 - Christmas Holly Gift Certificate Holder










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