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Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  What is the rate for an online remote repair session?

Answer:  There are currently seven levels of remote repair sessions - Click on the link below for more information:

Online Computer Repair Prices

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Question:  Is my satisfaction guaranteed?

Answer:  All repairs are guaranteed for 5 days.  We will do our best to help you determine why you needed the repair, and try to help you avoid this problem as a recurring issue.


Question:  How long does a remote repair session take?

Answer:  The average session is an hour and thirty minutes, but this depends on how much needs to be done and how fast your machine is running.  Generally, a Complete Computer Tune Up and cleaning resolves most problems, but some of the more aggressive viruses and spyware can be time consuming to remove.  We try to keep your costs as low as possible, and we try to educate you on ways to perform your own maintenance in the future.  We always want your business and your endorsement, but we do not want your computer to be a repetitive expense for you.


Question:  How long does it take to get the technician onto my computer?  Is it complicated?

Answer:  The entire process is very simple.  Below is a general timeline and the sequence of events in establishing a remote connection to your machine. 

When you call, an operator you will ask a few basic questions taking about 3 - 5 minutes of your time.  After the survey is complete, and the call has ended, the operator then gives your answers to a supervisor.  The supervisor returns your call, usually within a few minutes.  He reviews with you the issues you want to resolve, and after 3  - 5 minutes, transfers you to a technician.  If a technician is not immediately available at that time, the supervisor will schedule a convenient time for the technician to call you and repair your machine.

When you speak to the technician, he will take your credit card information, and then direct you to's website.  Within 2 - 3 minutes, the technician will access your computer, and the clock will start on your repair service.  You are not charged until the technician gains access to your machine!


Question: Do you do computer tune ups?

Answer:  Yes!  We offer a Basic Computer Tune Up, and a Complete Computer Tune Up.  Both are described in detail on our pricing page.  Click on the link below for more information:

Click Here To Select The Pricing Plan Best For You!


Question: Do you have gift certificates, or gift cards?

Answer:  Yes!  Gift cards are available in three denominations, and can be purchased online.  They are available in $25, $50, and $100, and are delivered within 7 days of being purchased via USPS.  Each card purchased comes with a matching envelope, and colorful gift card backers can be added to your order, if desired.

Gift cards are for remote computer repair, only, and are redeemed over the phone.  Each card requires a $5 shipping and service charge fee.

Click Here To View And Order Gift Cards / Gift Certificates.


Question: Do you install parental software?

Answer:  Yes!  We install CyberSitter software.  We will assist you in buying the software (you will need 1 license per computer), then we install the software on each of your machines.  We will then help you customize the settings so that the software runs invisibly, and your children will not know they are being monitored..  We will also train you on how the software works, and we will show you how to access the reports that tell you what sites and content your children are viewing.  We will train you on how to block your children from accessing areas of the Internet that you determine unsafe.


Question:  What are viruses, spyware, and adware?

Answer:  A virus is usually written by a single individual who is looking to attain recognition by creating a virus that gains attention in the news.  Most viruses do little permanent damage to a machine, in favor of maintaining stealth operations that the user is unaware of.  Most often, these operations acquire your email address book, and send the contacts in your address book emails infected with the virus.  This is done in attempts to propagate the virus to other machines.

Spyware and Adware are more serious threats than viruses because they are written by actual companies.  These companies are hired by large retailers and have advertising dollars behind them, so they are revised on a daily basis to prevent removal by most canned software.  Spyware and Adware are cloaked programs that are usually intended to acquire your shopping information and habits.  These programs often re-direct you to the advertisers website with the hopes you will purchase their product.

Here's a fictional but typical example:

You are interested in buying a new printer for your computer.  You open your browser and try to go to Hewlett Packard's website.  On trying to go to the site, you find that a series of popups open with ads that offer an assortment of printers for sale.  Often, you can never get to the site you wanted to go to.

What causes this is Adware that has been placed on your machine by companies other than Hewlett Packard who are looking to get you to buy a printer from them.  This software was installed with or without your knowledge, and can be very difficult to remove.



Remote Computer Repair




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